babytrohman said: I'm back again :) Dying to read whenever you're ready to post! Love ya darling :D Oh yeah, do you have a personal tumblr I could follow you on? :)

Hi there, dear! I’m sorry I don’t have anything yet. :( My main account is heroes-get-made. Love you!


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babytrohman said: Hey! I lllooovvveee the story so far! I was just wondering if you had plans on updating soon. I hope so lol. Thank you for the amazinBob/One Two lovin' ;)

OMG. Thanks for the love! It’s actually been more than a year since I last posted, but yes, I do plan to return to this once I finish writing on my other fanfiction project. In the time since I stopped, I keep getting these wonderful messages, and it’s so great to hear from fans. I made the mistake of posting the chapters before I was finished, but I really do want to return to it soon. Thanks for reading! (And to everyone: I know I’ve said this before, but don’t lose hope!)

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ferreuscelo said: Pleeeasse give us more of The Wild Bunch. You are amazing at it <3

Hi there! I’m almost finished with a different fic project I’m working on. It’ll be finished in a few weeks, and then I can get back to The Wild Bunch. I know it’s been a really long time, and I’m so sorry about that, but I swear I haven’t abandoned it entirely. Hug! I’m so glad you’ve liked it thusfar.

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dirgesinthedark said: the Wild Bunch is amazing!!! hope to see more of it soon!


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drugfreeboy said: Hey have you give up on the Wild Bunch story? I notice it's been months, but it was kind of amazing...I'd hate for it to not be finished.

Hi there! Right now, it’s on hold, as I’ve been working on this GIANT fanfiction project here. I still do want to finish it, though, so don’t lose hope. It just might be a while yet. Sorry about this! My fanfiction heart seems to take me where it wants to.

toouglyforherpes said: Hi. I've been coming to your page at least once a day for the past two weeks and I was wondering, if you had decided to abandon the fic?

Hi there! I’m sorry about all that. Right now, it’s on hiatus. I haven’t abandoned it, but it might be a little while before I post again.

So I’ve fallen a bit behind on the schedule, yeah?

Due in part to a bigger work load than usual and a new obsession for a TV show that shall not be named…

BUT, I don’t want to just abandon The Wild Bunch if there are still people looking to read it. If there’s still enough interest, I’ll make time to put out another installment this week, and then finish up a fifth part at least. If not, I’m not sure what I’ll do with this project.

What do you think?

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Part III: Dirty Deeds

It’s finally here! My cold has subsided enough for me to put the finishing touches on Part III of the fanfic, so, without further adieu, here it is.

Don’t forget to check out Part I, Part II, and, as always, the Notes page, to get an inside look at how everything went down. Part IV will be ready very shortly.

If you see any typos or anything, please let me know, and I’ll credit you for your wonderful help! <3

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Sorry for the delay! Part III will be here very soon.

I’ve come down with one heck of a cold, but Part III should be posted this week, and Part IV will be ready very shortly after it.

Love you all!